Here are some trending best themes which you can go for your summer wedding

April 9, 2021

The summers are here and also your wedding date is set. Now choosing the ideal theme for your big day is essential, because you’d want your memories to be remembered as gracious, ravishing and something to always cherish about. The theme should have a “WOW!!!!” impact on the guests and simultaneously they should feel comfortable and welcomed with the theme vibes.

Here are some trending best themes which you can go for your summer wedding.


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They say ‘Happiness comes in waves’. When planning for your big day this theme can never go wrong. The sandy beach and the sound of the waves are just perfect and romantic for all the functions of your ceremony. From sangeet to mehendi and to your nuptials all can be aligned in a trance and a stress free environment.

The vibes of this theme is fun, fresh air (which will be filled with love) and happy guest faces.


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A fairytale needs a dreamy wedding with the perfect prince and princess-like feeling.Creating your personal wonderland indoors in a cozy surrounding is the best indoor wedding theme you can plan for. The colours, the gleam and the dreamy setting is everything you need for this lovely theme.

The bride shouldn’t have those worry lines on her face due to the bad theme choice, carrying that beautiful heavy gown and looking just perfectly beautiful for the day is all which should be incarnated in your memories.


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When you are a nature lover but the outdoor wedding is not possible in the hot summer, don’t be disappointed. A big THANKS!!! to our creative planners out there who have managed to bring that nature feel indoors. With the right decor and designs, you and your kin can have your personal nature surrounding.

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We Indians always go with the ‘GRAND!’. And when it comes to regal theme you can be assured to have a super royal feel around. Satisfying the rich and rare taste this theme achieves the luxurious touch that you need. When one wants a classy and comfortable in one package they should definitely go for this theme.


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Are you an old soul???? The love for the classics and antiques would want you to do something similar for your special day. This theme is for such young hearts with old soul. This indoor theme is just perfect for the people with the motto of “OLD IS GOLD!”


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‘When in love, present it with flowers.’ This theme depicts the merry and jovial vibes which is one of the perfect idea for a summer wedding. Having your favourite floral settings for your love ceremony is an epitome of a beautiful and easy on the eyes wedding.

After deciding the perfect theme for your big day, you will need the best, committed digital partner to give your wedding a creative touch, that’s where WeTales comes in.

An indelible event needs a splendid commencement. WeTales with their awe-inspiring, coordinating and customized themes substantiate your vision to life. We don’t limit with a certain number or types of themes, in our field we always welcome innovation and newborn creativity.

A gorgeous union should be set forth with the exquisite invites. Synchronized with the wedding theme, we plan the whole thing from designing apps to website to virtual invites accordingly.

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