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We Design

One stop solution for your online and offline branding materials.

  • We create unique logo designs that mirror your values and pride.
  • Whether it is a marathon or a team cricket match, you can flaunt a premium Digital Invitation Card that matches your passion, prestige, and is especially designed for your Sports Events such as (add name)
  • Beautiful Graphics/Ecards for Advertising, Cover Pages, Social Media posts, Banners,
    standees, etc. Media that can be shared across chosen digital media outlets.
  • We create attractive designs that become unforgettable for your prospective audiences.

We Create

Sit back and relax while we digitise with jazzy stuff for the day of your dreams.

WeTales Website and Mobile App

  • Flaunt an attractive looking digital website and mobile application (ios/android) designed for each attendee with their respective details
  • Online attendee registration form, payment gateway, RSVP form online for your conference, to collect the responses from your attendees
  • QR codes and ticketing specially for your sports event that helps for entry-management, cafeteria, private entries, VIP lounge, etc
  • An online media gallery for all your event sharing: before, during and after sharing of photographs, videos and other media where attendees can also share, view, download the photos and videos.
  • Live updates, notifications, feeds and news for attendees with details of live-footfall
  • Featured bio and details of your esteemed speakers, sponsors and host for the attendees to read
  • Day-wise itinerary and details for your sporting event along with Google calendar reminders
  • Lead generation, feedback from the attendees through our customised digital forms
  • A quick and handy platform for organiser, host, speaker and attendees to connect online and network on a single platform

WeTales Cards

  • Whether you organise competitive sports or non-competitive games, taking them digital is inevitable
  • We create individual digital invitations for each attendee- sportspersons and audiences- which will replace your need for a physical invitation card
  • So if there are 500 attendees we design 500 customised digital invitation cards for each guest and deliver it from host number to all the guests
  • We provide the solution for the guest reception where if the attendee registers online, they will get their tickets on WhatsApp which can be presented at the check-in point
  • 100% delivery without any extra efforts

We Deliver

WeTales can do promotion for events. Hosts who wish to promote the conference among specific groups of people like sportspeople, fund-raisers, investors, doctors, distributors, etc. can easily plan strategic marketing services regarding the type of the conference requirements, only with WeTales.

Social Media Marketing

  • We choose the right social media platform/s relevant for your event and create pages- Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and more
  • Our Social-media team works on a 360 content strategy to boost your posts at minimum cost and maximum outreach that generates high visibility for your event
  • We help you reach out to the right audiences and answer their FAQs

Google Adwords

  • Google Adwords is a service that helps you target relevant audiences by placing your Ad on relevant websites
  • Providing Google Ads service that will help to show your event page on the top of the Google search
  • Reach out to targeted audiences on Google and track the footprints

Content Marketing

  • Release blogs, collate previous event videos, online graphic and video teasers to create a buzz about the event
  • To increase your visibility, content marketing is executed online

Mobile Marketing

  • Depending on the nature and level of the event, we can provide bulk SMS service and send emails to the specific area, city and states
  • Share relevant information, offers, sell tickets to your guests via SMS & email

Video Marketing

  • We prepare event promotion videos which we advertise on YouTube and Facebook, Instagram
  • Become a brand in the market by just using a correct content and marketing strategy
  • Reach out to millions of young users for your event


Save Money
The cost of designing and delivery of digital invitation cards using WeTales will be half of the price of your paper invitation cards excluding delivery cost.
Higher Footfall
Our customised promotion strategies will help you to reach out to your like-minded audiences which will create relevant inquiries and footfall for your event.
Lead Generation
Host can generate easy leads and follow up them from the mobile app for upcoming sports event.
Live Feedback
Speakers or Host can generate live-feedback from attendees and show results in live conferences.
Data Analysis
Using our platform host and organiser can track the data of attendees, foot falls, food and many more.
After Event Networking
Even after the event, attendees can search, view, chat, email to other attendees or speakers to grow the network.
Go Green
In this era saving paper or making them reuse is a priority. WeTales will help you to save one Tree if you go Digital.
Save Time and Energy
Cut out all the time-consuming stuff like finalising card designs, writing names, and couriering them to attendees addresses.
Respect God
We put God pictures, names on printed cards and after the event get over guests throw it in the dustbin. Don't let it happen now.
Smoother Delivery
Cutting the delivery time and energy, WeTales will deliver your cards digitally with no errors, in one click, going/sending from your number/email.
Digital Album
Prepare your digital album on our platform and share it with your guests where they can view/share/download by resting at home.
This is Presence, not the Future.
We have given this service to more than 1500 weddings and events. What’s your excuse?


Want to be a Super Host?

We do a lot of background work in order to make our clients happy. We love to go out of our comfort zone,
extend work hours and lose our sleep. If you ask us, in the end, it is all worth it.

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