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We Design

Birthday Invitation Card

A premium digital invitation card for birthday which depicts your status.

Save the Date

Mesmerising graphics so that your guests never forget your important day.


Give a sneak-peek preview of your birthday invitation.

Thank you card

With our well-designed cards, say thank you like you mean it.


We Create

Sit back and relax while we digitise with jazzy stuff for the day of your dreams.

WeTales Cards

  • We create individual digital cards for each guest, which will replace your need for a physical invitation card.
  • So if there are 500 guests we design 500 customised invitation cards for each guest and deliver it from host number to all the guests.
  • 100% delivery without any extra efforts.

WeTales Website

  • We create individual birthday websites for each guest with event details, venue, location, photos and many more.
  • So if there are 500 guests we design 500 websites for each guest and deliver it from host number to all the guests.

Mobile App

  • “A mobile app for Birthday” Doesn’t it sound amazing? Yes, we create your birthday app which has complete event details, venue and navigation, key members details and photos in WeTales android and iPhone mobile app.
  • This will be a platform where guests can view, share and upload the photo/videos of the birthday celebration and can interact among each other.
  • A lifetime memory will be so easy to access forever.

We Deliver

One click, seamless digital delivery of invitations with beautiful designs that make your event stand out.


Personalised invitation cards/PDFs/videos/website delivered to a customised guest list.


Send timely delivery of invitations, reminders and even last minute changes with us.


Creative invites and reminders seeking RSVP and providing navigation links.


Send recorded voice calls to your guests that works as an innovative reminder.


Expense Saving Idea
The cost of designing and delivery of invitation cards will be half of the price of your paper invitation cards excluding delivery cost.
Expense Saving Idea
Be environment friendly and Go Paperless. In this era saving paper or making them reuse is a priority. WeTales will help you to save one Tree if you go Digital.
Save Time and Energy
Finalising cards, writing guest names, delivering them will consume lots of time and energy. Which is not suitable at the time of the event.
Respect God
We put God pictures, names on printed cards and after the event get over guests throw it in the dustbin. Don't let it happen now.
Smoother Delivery
Delivery of printed cards to guest homes is a time consuming and painful job. Today when time is so precious why waste it. WeTales deliver digital cards from your number to your guests on a single click. So just relax and do your shopping.
Digital Album
Prepare your digital album on our platform and share it with your guests where they can view/share/download by resting at home.
This is Presence, not the Future.
We have given this service to more than 1500 weddings and events. What’s your excuse?


Want to be a Super Host?

We do a lot of background work in order to make our clients happy. We love to go out of our comfort zone,
extend work hours and lose our sleep. If you ask us, in the end, it is all worth it.

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