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Our Story

Established in 2015, WeTales has been on a journey to digitise events. Everyone knows that weddings mean serious business. Host are struggling with wedding invitation, guest management, finding vendors and other things around managing a lavish event. WeTales founders saw no reason why one should struggle so much in the twenty-first century. They set the foundation to solve wedding’s problems. Like most innovative concepts, they struggled with the traditional mindset.

Five Years Later

“No one will come if you send digital invitations."

Five years have gone by and in 2020, India has swiftly embarked on multiple journeys of going digital in every aspect of life. Having a website/app, digital invitations, online ticketing is an essential aspect of event management today. Meanwhile, WeTales is no longer digitizing just weddings but also other social events such as birthdays, anniversaries, inauguration to corporate events such as conferences, seminars, annual events, etc.

WeTales Is Only One-In-All Digital Event Management Platform.

We strongly believe in the principle: “Do not find a customer for your product, find the product for your customer”. WeTales was built by its customers. They came to us with their problems and we accommodated our features accordingly. Through our customer-driven approach, we have been able to spread joy and success for our clients across the globe. A proud supporter of Vocal for Local, we are also a platform that connects credible local vendors to prospective clients.

Our Mission: 

WeTales is on a mission to use technology to drive convenience in the complex event industry. We are constantly striving to spread more joy and make a difference in the lives of our clients. We are also committed to creating a sustainable and environmentally friendly service.

Our Vision:

To provide technological solutions in the event life cycle to become a digital event partner in all events.




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