PREMIUM Glitz & Glamorous Wedding Anniversary Invitation Video
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PREMIUM Glitz & Glamorous Wedding Anniversary Invitation Video

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Indulge in the glitz and glamour of our wedding anniversary invite, where each slide sparkles with celebratory allure. The first slide sets the tone with our logo, while the second dazzles with a fountain animation. On the third slide, charming caricatures & the last slide’s hanging disco balls evoke an ambiance of festivity and joy.

Shopping Process with Terms & Conditions

– What is the process for the shopping of invitation jpeg/video/pdf
1. Browse through the WeTales templates & choose your taste of design
2. Choose the pages and delivery time for your design
3. Fill in payment details and confirm the order
4. On confirmation, you will receive a document with the given details in your mail
5. Change the details as per your events and revert to the same email ID with the document attachment
6. We make designs in all languages so if the invite is of any other language other than English, you will have to email us the complete document in respective language.
7. WeTales will send you the final file(jpeg/PDF/Video) on your Email within a few working days

– What is included in the template-based rates?
1. All text matters such as name, date-time, venue, family names, etc. and Photos – if shown in the design you choose.
2. 1 round of revision is included if needed. Any changes after the approval will be USD $10 or INR 500/- per round of revision.
3. No other customisations such as font style/color, background color, etc. are included in this. This will be chargeable extra as per the requirements.
4. For any customisations in the selected design you have to connect us via WhatsApp or Call.
5. All watermarks will be removed apart from the last page ‘Designed by’

For any query please call: +91-8999108999
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This design is available as follows:
#Save the date
# e-invite → can send on WhatsApp
# Printable invite → Can be printed as kankotri in any language.
#Video Invite→ Bring the elements to life with fantastic animation & music.

We can also add a google link in the invite for location links in this invite, your one chore to call guests for directions is taken care of by a mere invite.

To check some more samples you can visit:

The PDF Invite includes the following slides/pages:
>4 slides with apt details
>RSVP details can be added to the same theme design

Give your event more colors with our unique invitation designs:)

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