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Virtual Wedding

The COVID-19 pandemic may have changed our lives forever in many ways. People must be telling you that it is the worst time to marry. But is it? Weddings are supposed to be the union of two people and the union of two families. Thankfully in the digital age, we can help you with the latter. Imagine a virtual wedding planner, who will take care of your guests who couldn’t make it for Covid reasons. While you focus on your health and safety, we take care of everyone who’s left out. Say No to FOMO with WeTales.

Virtual Pre-wedding Events

We take advantage of our customised technology to send e-invitations, reminders, manage rehearsals, throw after-parties and live stream your special live events.

Live Stream Wedding

Not everyone can make it, even if they really want to. But what if you could give them a chance to see it from a distance. We help you with a hassle-free live-stream available only on an invite-only basis.

Virtual Event Planning

Our online event platform can help you make sense of the wedding chaos. Manage instant notifications when the event is live. Our bank of virtual wedding ideas will pleasantly surprise you.

Talk to the Host

A wedding happens once in a lifetime. So on your important day, WeTales will facilitate personalised virtual interactions with your guest.

Make Memories

At all stages, the WeTales app helps you share photographs, videos, navigation, invites with a seamless interface. To make it more interactive, they can also add celebration gestures through AI and live guests will be able to react to the live-stream.

Virtual Events


Want to be a Super Host?

We do a lot of background work in order to make our clients happy. We love to go out of our comfort zone,
extend work hours and lose our sleep. If you ask us, in the end, it is all worth it.

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