Intimate Weddings

September 17, 2020

Being in the wedding industry for five years now, and we can tell you that before COVID 19, we would have bet our lives on the Indian Wedding industry. It was an industry that was recession-proof. In the past few years, we saw the industry grow multifold while the idea of a ‘Big-Fat Indian Wedding’ becoming more and more mainstream. But apparently not anymore. As of now, there are strict rules and regulations on Weddings. Research has revealed that about 80% of Indian couples have postponed their weddings to the end of the year. If you are one of them, it is understandable. But we want you to see another perspective on this: Intimate Weddings.

What is an Intimate Wedding or Mini-mony?

It is a style of getting married by inviting minimal guests and limited resources involved. Intimates Wedding has existed even before COVID but because of the social nature of Indians, those were rare. Now with the pandemic playing its part, here is a chance to be part of the history. Now with the pandemic, you can actually have a lavish and luxurious without worrying about the cost! We’ll tell you how.

What are the benefits of an Intimate Wedding?

Indefinite waiting:
Although the COVID vaccine is being researched worldwide and lockdown in India has slowly opened up, we still do not know until when we could go back to our regular weddings. Will it be safe? Will it be allowed? There are only speculations and an indefinite wait.

A blessing in disguise:
Even though you wished to gather your loved ones, try to see the bright side of this. You will save a lot of money that could be invested or saved for your bright future! For couples who work from home, this is a great position to start a family.

Couple goals:
The flexibility to adapt and pivot your plans when you need to reflects a healthy orientation that is helpful in the long run.

Spend quality time with loved ones in a lavish way:
With lesser people, you don’t have to worry about money anymore. If it is only going to be your closest people, you have a chance to make some beautiful memories without any distractions. Your wedding inevitably will be remembered.

What are the safety precautions to be taken? How to engage the close members who can not make it?

  1. Know and follow government guidelines thoroughly.
  2. Less is more. Lesser the people, it is as much safer for your wedding.
  3. Make sure the venue and caterers follow the guidelines.
  4. Practice social distancing at all times. Make sure you wear a mask at all times.
  5. Host a virtual event, live-stream additional functions for your loved ones with WeTales.
  6. Avoid physical cards: Yes, the guest is God and you have got to invite them personally but that will be counterproductive in these times. So go digital with WeTales.

How can WeTales help us?

  1. Virtual Pre-wedding Events: We take advantage of our customised technology to send e-invitations, reminders, manage rehearsals, throw after-parties, and live-stream your special live events.
  2. Live Stream Wedding: Not everyone can make it, even if they really want to. But what if you could give them a chance to see it from a distance. We help you with a hassle-free live-stream available only on an invite-only basis.
  3. Virtual Event Planning: Our online event platform can help you make sense of the wedding chaos. Manage instant notifications when the event is live. Our bank of virtual wedding ideas will pleasantly surprise you.
  4. Talk to the Host: A wedding happens once in a lifetime. So on your important day, WeTales will facilitate personalised virtual interactions with your guest.
  5. Coordinate Vendors: It may be an intimate wedding but you’ll still need vendors such as wedding photographers, decorators, caterers, etc. Use our digital catalog to vet through some of the excellent people in the business.
  6. Make Memories: At all stages, the WeTales app helps you share photographs, videos, navigation, invites with a seamless interface. To make it more interactive, they can also add celebration gestures through AI, and live guests will be able to react to the live-stream.

We have already helped dozens of clients with this. We help you make a virtual wedding saga so that your wedding is no less than the one in your dreams. Let’s make history together!

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